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To learn more about Sustainability Excellence and how we can help you Lead, Innovate, and Outperform, please find the best contact point below according to your interest.

For Executive presentations, CEO level engagements and speaking opportunities, please contact our Founder and CEO, Darin Rovere at

For more information about our Advisory Services, please contact our Manager of Advisory Services, Shada El Sharif at selsharif@sustainabilityexcellence.com

For more information about our ESG Services, please contact our Head of ESG Invest , Houssam Lahrech at hlahrech@sustainabilityexcellence.com

For more information about arabsustainability.com, please contact our ArabSustainability.com Manager, John Joseph Ryan at jjryan@sustainabilityexcellence.com

For opportunities to work with us, please contact our HR Coordinator, Rand Qudsi at : ralqudsi@sustainabilityexcellence.com

For any other inquiries, please contact our Operations Manager,Rana Abu-Ragheb at raburagheb@sustainabilityexcellence.com

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Sky Plaza Complex
2nd Floor, Suite 202
66, Princess Taghreed Mohammed Street
P.O. Box 851516, Sweifieh 11185
Amman - Jordan


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T: +962 (6) 585-8734

Incubator Building
 Office No. 135-FD 
 Masdar City,
  P.O. Box 135073 
 Abu Dhabi - U.A.E.


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T: +971 (2) 558-1147       F: +971 (2) 558-1147

Al Jazeera Tower 186
Unit 1403
Conference Street
West Bay
Doha – Qatar


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T: +974 (4)0429223       F: +97 (4) 44272706