Sustainability Advisory Services

Sustainability Excellence is a leading provider of sustainability strategy, implementation, impact, and sustainability reporting services.

Our Advisory Team works with many of the region's most influential companies, governments, cities and foundations to help them lead, innovate, and outperform. Our clients have a demonstrated track record of successfully leveraging sustainability opportunities to achieve corporate, organizational and national competitive advantages, and regularly win prestigious awards and recognition.

Our engagements range from rapid assessments designed to identify the most critical sustainability risks and opportunities, to ongoing multi-year partnerships with our most ambitious and satisfied clients. Services include:


In Abu Dhabi, a regional leader in sustainability, we supported the integration of sustainability into the strategies of more than two-thirds of the first 15 members of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group.
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Our clients get results – both immediately, and on an ongoing basis. Of the Top 10 ranked publicly listed companies in the region for sustainability, at least half have had multi-year partnerships with Sustainability Excellence at some point in their sustainability journey.

We work alongside our clients in the most central aspects of implementing and embedding sustainability, including training and capacity building, sustainability team support, sustainability data management and dashboards, direct support in achieving specific targets, ongoing performance benchmarking, risk monitoring and mitigation, product and service innovation, and other essential elements of sustainability management. Read more

Sustainability Reporting - including integrated reporting

Nearly half of the 85 companies, governments and other organisations that have undertaken sustainability reporting in the region are current or previous clients of Sustainability Excellence. We are the regional leader for sustainability / integrated reporting.
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Sustainability Excellence’s advisory team combines international experience on some of the world’s leading impact assessment projects and initiatives, with our own regional groundbreaking efforts.

We help clients understand, measure and – most importantly - enhance their overall social, socio-economic, and environmental impacts.Read more

Awards and Recognition

Our clients consistently win top national awards in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar, as well as regional and international awards. Our clients have an overwhelming success (win) rate of >80% on awards applications we support.
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To learn more about Sustainability Excellence’s Sustainability Advisory Services, please contact us at One of our experienced advisors will contact you within one working day.

As a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), Sustainability Excellence has made the formal commitment to drive the responsible investment movement forward in the Arab world by providing a wide range of customised products and services that support investors, asset managers, asset owners, and stock exchanges to integrate sustainability issues in their core strategies and make better informed investment decisions.

ESG Invest Research division provides rat¬ings, and analysis of companies’ risks and opportunities that emerge from environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Through an in-depth analysis of material issues for the sector, our analysis reveals hidden risks or opportunities that may not be captured by mainstream financial analysis.

To learn more visit our ESG Invest website

Valuable sustainability data at your fingertips is an open, online platform, with the most up-to-date database of organisational sustainability performance in the region.

Objectives of the platform:

  • To challenge every organisation in the region to report and improve its sustainability performance
  • To provide organisations with related tools and resources to improve performance
  • To be the best source of sustainability performance data and insights in the region.