Darin Rovere
Founder and CEO

International expert and innovator in corporate sustainability with 15 years experience working with world leading companies and governments across more than 15 sectors and four continents.

Shada El Sharif
Manager, Advisory Services

An experienced sustainability consultant with a passion for innovation, clean tech and low carbon development. Led successful partnerships with public and private sector stakeholders towards the development and delivery of sustainable development projects in Jordan and abroad.

Houssam Lahrech
Manager of ESG Research

ESG Research professional with substantial experience combining sustainability and financial management within a leading ESG rating agency and the most innovative Asset Management firm.

Johnjoseph Ryan
ArabSustainability.com Manager

Champion of regional sustainability through innovative digital platforms.

Rana Abu-Ragheb
Operations Manager

Management professional with over 15 years of regional and international experience in finance, human resources, IT, and operations management.