We help clients understand, measure and enhance their social, socio-economic, and environmental impacts

Sustainability Excellence’s advisory team combines international experience on some of the world’s leading impact assessment projects and initiatives, with our own regional groundbreaking efforts.

The Arab region is navigating a period of both tremendous opportunity and challenge. Despite a period of modest energy prices, ambitious nations are accelerating their efforts towards sustainable development. Thoughtful visions including the Saudi Vision 2030 and other similar long-term plans across Gulf countries are directly tackling major challenges and opportunities including human resource development, large-scale job creation, economic diversification, and low-carbon energy leadership.

For companies, governments and other organisations in the region, being able to invest financial and other resources in the most effective way possible to maximize positive impact against these critical economic, social and environmental factors will become a highly visible and evident competitive advantage.

We support clients in this effort. Our assessments and recommendations cover one or all dimensions of sustainability including social dimensions (often referred to as social return on investment (SROI)), socio-economic, and environmental impacts. Our experience in total impact assessments and strategies covers:

  • Company level, government entity, or non-profit level total impact
  • Ministry/sector level, and/or Emirate/province level
  • City level or a new sub-development of a city
  • Product/service level, including both standard products/services and targeted high-impact products/services
  • Community investment level, such as evaluating the effectiveness of charitable donations.

Overall, we encourage companies and organisations to understand their total overall company-wide impact, in order to clarify their most effective contributions to society and in order to drive innovation and investment in high impact opportunities areas. The end result is to achieve vastly greater impact while further defining and strengthening key competitive advantages.