Our clients get results – both immediately, and on an ongoing basis

Of the top 10 ranked publicly listed companies in the region for sustainability, at least half have had multi-year partnerships with Sustainability Excellence at some point in their sustainability journey.

We work alongside our clients in the most central aspects of implementing and embedding sustainability, including:

  • Training and capacity building, including ongoing sustainability team support
  • Sustainability data management and dashboards
  • Direct support in achieving specific targets
  • Ongoing performance benchmarking
  • Risk monitoring and mitigation
  • Product and service innovation
  • Carbon tracking and management
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Sustainable procurement / sustainability in the supply chain
  • Annual updating of strategy, priorities, targets and implementation plans
  • Other essential elements of sustainability management.

For our best performing clients, relationships that often started as a one month engagement have evolved into multi-year partnerships. To the extent Sustainability Excellence is able to support direct gains for these clients across financial, reputation, impact, and competitiveness dimensions, these partnerships grow.

Over the years, these clients have become known, both inside their organisations and externally, as organisations where sustainability has become embedded and part of the organisational culture. They become recognized and rewarded as operating at a higher level of business excellence, consistently setting and achieving performance targets across their economic, social and environmental performance.