Sustainability Excellence

Sustainability Excellence is a recognized leader in sustainability advisory services, sustainability reporting, and ESG assessment services in the Arab region. We excel in helping regional companies, governments, cities and foundations achieve sustainability leadership through effective strategies and immediate performance gains. We combine extensive regional expertise and experience with a compelling international track record. 

Built on Global Leadership and Relationships

Sustainability Excellence knows what it takes to best in the world. Prior to founding Sustainability Excellence, four of President Darin Rovere’s international clients ranked #1in the world for sustainability for their sector, as ranked by prestigious ratings such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Sustainability Excellence maintains a strong partnership with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the world’s leading guidelines for sustainability reporting. We have worked together to effectively increase the adoption of sustainability practice in the Middle East. We are an Organizational Stakeholder, Community Leader, and Official GRI Data Partner with GRI.

Sustainability Excellence has formal partnerships with four regional stock exchanges supporting them integrate sustainability internally and among their listed issuers.

We are also a Professional Services Partner, and one of the regional signatories, of the United Nations backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), a leading international initiative for management of sustainability and ESG issues in the financial sector.

Accelerating Sustainability in the Arab World

Sustainability Excellence is a regional sustainability pioneer and leader. We take great pride in our track record and the track record of our clients:

  • Past and present clients represent nearly half of all sustainability reporters in the Arab region using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines

  • We worked with the first company, government agency and non-profit organisation in the region to develop aligned sustainability strategies, performance enhancements, and public reporting.

  • We have delivered sustainability services for more than 50 regional companies. Clients include many of the region’s largest firms. We have worked across more than 15 sectors in 8 countries.

  • We have worked with the highest levels of government to develop major national sustainability initiatives, including General Secretariat of the Executive Council in Abu Dhabi and the 34 government entities it oversees; the Qatar Petroleum HSE Regulations and Enforcement Directorate and the Qatar Ministry of Energy and Industry; and the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group.

  • We promote the widespread usage of sustainability performance information, including peer-to-peer benchmarking of sustainability performance, by providing the most up-to-date open database of corporate sustainability performance in the region at

  • We actively encourage investor awareness of the risks and benefits of incorporating ESG (sustainability) factors to support more informed decision-making, with our independent ESG team providing ESG ratings for hundreds of publicly-listed companies in the region

  • We periodically issue macro-level research reports and studies that have been launched in major forums such as the regional World Economic Forum

  • Our clients are leaders in successfully leveraging sustainability opportunities to achieve corporate, organizational and national competitive advantages, and regularly win prestigious awards and recognition.

We have delivered work across more than 8 countries in the region, with offices in three countries. We have a growing staff of more than 15 dedicated team members, combining both Arab and international talent.