We support stock exchanges deploy a Sustainability/ESG Data Management System and Dashboard platform quickly and efficiently, providing hosting, ongoing maintenance and improvement of features over time.

The ESG Data Management System and Dashboard serves as an overarching system to track and monitor your listed companies’ sustainability performance, covering a range of qualitative and quantitative indicators, including the 30 ESG KPIs recommended by World Federation of Exchange (WFE), as well as any other KPIs included in your ESG disclosure guidance documents or reporting guidelines.

Every listed company that engages in sustainability reporting has a unique login allowing them to add, edit and store their data securely on the platform.

Listed companies can instantly compare and benchmark their performance for free and then share relevant performance data with their stakeholders (investors, rating agencies, stock markets, academics, governments, media, the public) in real-time and at a click of a button.

Want to see it in action? Check out how Qatar Stock Exchange dashboard is promoting ESG disclosure among its listed issuers using its ESG dashboard powered by our ESG Data technology: qse.arabsustainability.com


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